October 7th 2011  Wine & Beer Tasting


October 8th 2011  Wine & Beer Tasting


that's right sports fans, go to all the football games, and have your wine tasting too! Friday night is the pre-game tasting, try everything below, or tune in Saturday for a replay at our regularly scheduled tasting time. Either way you can't lose wine fans!

Baby, Prosecco, Frizzante, $14.99

These folks make two Prosecco wines,  Babbo, meaning father, is the Champagne-like bubbly, this one is the frizzante, or fizzy. It has a ceramic flip top, easy to open and reseal, it's real crisp, just a hint fruity, and well priced for the high quality; everything about it is fresh and bright, enjoy!

Lovi, 2009 Orvieto Classico, Abboccato, $11.99, On Sale, $9.99

The importer is throwing a deal on this one, and I can offer it on sale for a while. This will taste great in the warm sunny weather this weekend. It's stainless steel, shows lots of citrus, full bodied white, with a nutty nuance on the creamy finish.

 Beau Chene, Languedoc, 2009 Pinot Noir, $14.99

This one gets a wow, it's so bright, so clean, has lots of red fruit, plenty of spice, a hint floral; though kept in check by the big finish with showy tannins that create a long finish. A steal for quality French pinot at this price.

Scopetani, 2009 Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, $8.99

Red fruits and soft tannins make this lightly spicy Italian wine quite palatable and gives just enough of that Italian earth note to make for a good finish, a great everyday wine at a great price.

Niner Wine Estates, 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon, Bootjack Ranch, Paso Robles, $24.99

What a pleasant surprise it was to find this one, brooding with dark red and black fruits, dried cranberries, some tar, a bit of smoke, cedar, conifer sapling, with a bit of tasty vanilla spice. In full disclosure, and in California fashion the breakdown is: 90% Cabernet Sauvignon, 8% Cabernet Franc, 1% Malbec, and 1% Petite Verdot. Only, 2,924 cases were produced, get yours today!

Vieille Provision, Saison Dupont, Belgian Farmhouse Ale, $10.99 / 25.4 oz. bottle

Bottle conditioned, a hint fruity but finishes clean, fresh and dry - perfect for this beautiful weather.

Brooklyn Brewing Co., Black Chocolate Stout, $9.99 - 4 pack / 12 oz. bottle

Deep, rich, smooth, yes it's very chocolaty, what else needs to be said - oh yeah and it's 10%.

As always thank you for your patronage,

 Bruce G. Davis

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